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Not a long time ago I experienced one problem – I accidentally forgot about an essay, which I had to write in order to receive a mark for the semester. It was a subject, which I don’t like at all – education theories. As for me, it’s complicated and unnecessary at all, and I had no desire to waste my time on it. Also, there was 1 day left until the deadline, so my decision was to refer this issue to the essay writing service. I am a newbie here, so I just Googled “best essay writing service” and selected one of the first links. And, here’s my review, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Looking at Prices

Before I start my review, it needs to be said that I am not knowledgable about average best custom writing service prices on the global market, but it looks like the prices on are reasonable and affordable. Price for one page starts at 10.76$/page and may vary due to specific requirements, like, for example, urgency, level of work, type of work etc. I am an undergraduate student, and my requirements were: essay on “sociology of education”, respective level of writing, one-day deadline, 4 pages. The total was 113.80$, and with a first-time bonus of 20% discount, the final price was 90$. In my opinion, it is a moderate price for such an urgent order.

My opinion about the Quality

I was not really interested in the subject, but I was interested in my mark for the semester. That is why the quality of paper played a big role for me. You know, I was pleasantly surprised – I received a great essay, with detailed descriptions and analysis of theoretical perspectives of education. Moreover, my order was completed in 10 (!) hours – twice as fast as I ordered. I didn’t know what to expect from the ordered paper, but the result had gone beyond all expectations. Great job, Best Custom Writing! - review

Support Service Responsiveness

As I have mentioned earlier, I was a newbie in the essay order online. Order on was my first, so I had many questions, like “How can I know, that my writer is a professional in this sphere?”, “How can I be sure, that my work will be performed on time?”, “How can I receive the result?” and so on. Luckily, BestCustomWriting has a customer support service and a live chat function, where I could write my questions and receive answers in a few minutes, which also contributed to my review. I contacted them via this chat and wrote about my concerns. Agent reacted almost immediately, in ~40 seconds, and replied to my questions clearly and easily. This is really great – it shows, that company worries about clients and wants them to feel comfortable during the whole process of cooperation.

Customer Service and Delivery

Well, let’s overview the whole process of essay order, from the very beginning to the end.

First, you have to click “Order now” button. It is easy to find it – there is a big yellow button on the top of the page. After that, you will see the form, in which you have to mention all your requirements, like, for example, type of assignment, level of writing, urgency, quantity of pages and type of spacing (single spaced or double spaced). Also, as for my first order, I had a 20% discount, so I had to write a discount code FIRST20 in the “Discount” field. After filing all required fields, you go to the next page, where you write all your contact information and mention all possible means of communication with you. The next step is Order Details – you write your subject and topic of your assignment. After that you pay for your order and that’s it! You just wait for a few minutes until one of their customer support agents contact with you and provide you with the information about your writer and his/her contact details. Easy as is.

In my situation, agent contacted me in ~2 minutes with all necessary info. I received it and decided to contact my BestCustomWriting writer immediately – I had a really short deadline, and I was worried about it. The assigned author replied to me in ~5 minutes, we discussed my topic a little and talked about some specific issues to be mentioned in my work. After that, writer told me, that he is starting to write my paper right now. I thanked him and continued doing my things.

10 hours after this conversation, I received a file from the Best Custom Writing with my essay to my e-mail box. At first I was confused – why and how so fast? I opened it, and I was fascinated – it was an ideal work! Absolutely everything was designed in accordance with my requirements, the level of writing was significantly higher than Undergraduate, every aspect of my topic was clearly represented… I had no words. It was a masterpiece! I didn’t know how to thank my writer. Perfect essay writing service for reasonable money – that is what I was looking for!


In conclusion to my review, I want to say that the first essay order in my life was a great experience, and it was all because of! They have a great responsive customer support agents, professional academic writers, good and understandable website and moderate prices. Looks like a perfect essay writing service, right? Believe me, is really the best website to write your essay. Try the best custom writing service, don’t hesitate!