Essay Writing Service Reviews — Top Feedback for Students

Education path is quite tricky and challenging, and one should be diligent and patient to keep up with the studies and upkeep the appropriate performance. It is hard to predict what homework a professor is going to assign and what guidelines you should follow. A burden of various projects, essays, presentations, and articles make you encounter different academic challenges, and that can spoil all the joy of school years. That is one of the main reasons why students look for efficient solutions to deal with all those issues and the most popular strategy here is to cooperate with reliable academic platforms and use their services. But, how to pick a reputable company and entrust your assignments to real professionals?

Here at the, we compare and contrast various academic platforms and analyze them in different perspectives:

  • Prices and discounts
  • Quality of the orders
  • Support service responsiveness
  • Deadlines and delivery
  • Final verdict

Why do we do that? Our primary goal is to find the best answer to that “Where to order my essay or any other paper?” question. On our website, we conduct a profound investigation for you to work with the experts only! So, take a closer look at how we create our essay writing service reviews and learn what aspects you should know before ordering any custom project. We will go through the major stages of our process. Here, will explain why each of them is important if you are looking for academic assistance where you can pay for a college essay or any other assignment.

Prices and Discounts

Since many students are quite limited in funds, the first thing your opinion is based upon is a price. Looking for an academic assistance company, learners hope to reach the balance between their money-spending and the quality of the papers they want to get. Hence, we consider this aspect vital when conducting our essay writing service reviews. One of the first features we expect to see on the reviewed website is a price calculator. There, you can analyze how the price for a custom essay may change depending on its volume, academic level, urgency, etc. Since we have studied a lot of platforms, we know what rates are reasonable or sky-high. This stage of our investigation is closely interconnected with the actual quality of the college paper we receive. Also, we always check if there are any discounts or promo code available on a certain platform. It is pleasant to save some money and see that the team care about their customers.

Quality of Orders Received

After the analysis of pricing, our essay writing service reviews move to choose a paper that will be a representation of the quality offered on a certain platform. Thus, if the website highlights their essay services, we will order exactly that assignment. It can be an expository essay, a process essay, or any other writing you may confront in college. And, when the order is delivered, we check the following points:

  • The title
    It should correspond to one mentioned while filling out the order form.
  • The number of pages
    The volume requirement should be met.
  • Formatting
    If we wanted an essay in the MLA format, we expect it to be so.
  • The text
    Your custom essay should be relevant to the subject matter and interesting for the readers.

We read every abstract of an ordered essay attentively — even the end of the word written wrong can lower the final grade! Also, we check if there is a thesis statement, how well an argument is developed, and what ways of impressing the reader are used. While writing a review, we pay special attention to a fragment with references. It is important for students to get well-grounded essays, and we analyze whether the information sources are reliable and related to the subject matter. Of course, it may be useful to cite someone’s work. In the same time, if it is referenced with mistakes or isn’t referenced at all, it will be real plagiarism, and your performance will suffer dramatically. This type of mistake is better to avoid, and that is why we pay so much attention to it when we write about a certain essay service.

Support Service and Availability

The year in a college may be full of surprises, and you are to be ready for everything. For example, ordering a custom essay at two in the morning. Thus, many academic platforms consider the way in which you can reach them to ask for assistance. For example, it can be convenient messengers, e-mail, or even fax! In the context of our industry, it is beneficial for writing service reviewed to have 24/7 online customer support. This type of service may be the definition of a well-organized work and your guarantee of getting prompt answers.

While using the assistance of a certain platform, wants to come up with a reasonable point of view. Therefore, we test the customer support agents (if there are any)! We message them, consider the time that is needed to receive the answer, and analyze how competent and responsive the agents are. For any platform, it is good if their customer support can:

  • Accept client’s request anytime
  • Help customer make an order
  • Navigate the website easily
  • Explain the platform’s processes

If the agent is confident and responsive, it boosts the chances of essay writing service to be considered reliable and professional.

Additional Options and Delivery

Promptness is quite vital when we speak about custom writing platforms. There is no need to add that many students tend to forget about their assignments, and here, the fact of how quickly the writers can deal with your order is important. For us, it is always interesting to check if clients are free to pick the timeframes for the custom essay writing they order. Otherwise, any customer may question purchasing their projects on a certain platform.

When ordering custom papers for our essay writing service reviews, we pick various deadlines — from several hours to several weeks. That helps us understand whether the processes of a certain platform are organized. No one wants to miss the deadline and delay the essay submission — that will make any grade lower! Here, a lot may depend on the kind of essay, type and volume of the college paper, and the professionalism of the writer assigned. They need to write an assignment for you that will be delivered in time!

Few more words about extra features. On many platforms, you can, for example, choose the essay expert yourself. That is usually possible if you know the writer’s last name or ID — just mention it in the order form. Also, there could be such options as free formatting, free revision, and, the most important — guarantees! Frequently, we test the guarantees provided by the platforms to see if the offers and promises are true.


This section is the final one. When all the vital information is gathered and analyzed, we can come up with a summary of the essay writing service reviews. We sum up all the pros and cons, emphasize crucial points, turn students’ attention to the quality of custom papers provided on certain platforms. Our analysis and ratings are always reasonable and trustworthy.

Your essay should impress your readers and professors, and knows that. Hence, we always do our best to recommend you only services with professional academic support and help you avoid any failures. Do you think it is hard to find expert assistance where you can buy a refined essay for cheap? Look through our essay writing service reviews, and you will know what platforms are worth cooperating with!