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Writer4sale.com – review

When people are searching for an essay writing service, they rely on many factors. They need a company, which is reliable, has a good quality of works, has nice and responsible staff etc. But how they can know for sure, that one or another company satisfies all of these factors?

Of course, from the reviews.

And that is why I am doing these essay writing services reviews – I promote fair and clear estimation of services of a company, without any advertisement or pre-paid reviews. I am against this untruthful informational flow; I want people to have access to fair truth. Also, as a student, I frequently require some academic help, because I can’t keep up with everything in my life simultaneously. As a frequent and, as a result, experienced user of such services, I’m happy to help people looking for reliable paper writing service to find it!

Today I present you the writer4sale.com review. Enjoy!

Looking at Prices

It is obvious, that most of us are interested in having their job done by another people. It saves a big amount of time and gives the possibility to establish social and personal life full of interesting events. But, essay writing help costs money, and not everyone are ready to spend their money for such a purpose. That is why most people decide whether to use essay writing services or not only after they know the amount they have to pay. So let’s look through their pricing policy.

First of all, you have to understand, that total price for your order may change due to the type of work, its length, level, deadlines etc. Sometimes it significantly changes the whole picture. For example, the High School level essay, made within 14 days since placing the order, will be only 10$/page. But, if we change the deadline terms from 14 days to 2 days, the price for one page will be 17$. A marked difference, right?

Prices for College level paper start from 14$/page, for University level it will be 16$/page, 22$/page for Master’s level and 29$/page for PhD level. So we can see, that writer4sale.com has really moderate pricing policy, available for an average student. That is why I also used their services. I ordered my Master’s level essay on International Trade with such requirements: 9 pages, 7 days deadline, MLA citation. The total was 216$.

My opinion about the Quality

The main page of company’s website says, that they offer “Unique writing solutions for the hardest academic challenges”. Sounds really good, and I decided to make my essay order on writer4sale.com – the price was good, and many positive comments about their work were also shown on the website.

My order was a Master’s level essay, 9 pages long, on International Trade Relations subject, topic sounded like “Bilateral trade agreements between Asian countries”, MLA citation format, which has to be made for the period of 7 days. Also, I had a specific requirement for my work – the activity of ASEAN was necessary to mention. The first thing that happened – my assigned writer was not answering to my messages. I wanted to be sure, that he was informed about my specific essay requirement. A little while later I saw, that he hasn’t known about it at all. Moreover, it seems like he hasn’t known the topic at all. Text, that I received, was of awful quality: grammatical and semantic mistakes, no formatting, the topic was not disclosed, no mentioned sources of information… I was wondering – I ordered a professional essay with Master’s level of writing or a bunch of weird text? Looks like there was a mashup and I ordered the last one. Awful.

Writer4sale.com - review

Support Service Responsiveness

If you need to contact customer support, you can press the little blue button in the bottom right corner of the page to fill the form and ask your question. I felt like I have to complain about the quality of work I received, so I decided to contact them. I wrote about my problem, mentioned my name and surname, and sent it. I received my response in 2(!) days, and it was: “We’re sorry for this inconvenience. We’ll do anything possible to keep it from happening again”. They did not even try to fix my problem, they did not offer to review my work, they just apologized! No refund, nothing.

Customer Service and Delivery

The process of order itself is easy – you just open their website and fill the “academic level”, “type of paper”, “deadline” and “pages” fields. After filing all this info you will see the calculated price. If you want to process order, you click “Continue” and write your paper details, such as subject, topic, citation style, specific instructions etc. After you fill all necessary fields, you pay for your order and wait until someone contacts with you in order to provide with information regarding your essay and your writer.

My work was delivered to my e-mail box, mentioned in the process of registration, in the beginning of 8th day since I placed my order. Yeah, they missed a deadline for half a day.


I think, that my conclusion about writer4sale.com is clear. I strongly recommend you to avoid this company. If you want to receive a professional academic writing help, this is not a right place for it. Order your essays consciously!

We have noticed an increasing number of negative reviews about the services of this website. We do not recommend you visit this site for the safety of your personal details. We suggest you go to Wiseessays.com

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